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  • Accepted by Local Authorities
  • Meets UK / EU Legal requirements
  • It matches RSPH / CIEH syllabus

MCA recognised food safety courses on Zoom

We are pleased to offer a selection of MCA-recognized and accredited food safety courses tailored to professionals within the maritime industry, including those working on superyachts, cruise ships, ferries, and any other vessel where food handling is a crucial aspect of their responsibilities. If you find it challenging to find a course date or time that aligns with your availability, we are pleased to offer an on-demand service. You can reserve a Zoom session at a time and date that suits your convenience, available seven days a week, 365 days a year. If there is a time zone difference, you can still schedule a Zoom session that accommodates your specific time requirements. The exam can be booked for between 10.00am – 17.00pm (UK time) Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

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