Introduction to Allergens (online)


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Duration: 1-2 hours

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Why This Course is Essential

In the world of retail and catering, understanding food hypersensitivities and allergens is not just a skill—it’s a responsibility. Protect your customers and your business by gaining critical knowledge on how allergens impact safety and how to communicate vital information effectively.

Course Highlights

This comprehensive online course will guide you through the UK’s allergen laws, helping you identify common allergens and ensuring compliance with the Food Information for Consumers (FIC) Regulation. Learn to provide accurate allergen information to your customers, meeting the latest legislative requirements, including Natasha’s Law and PPDS labelling.

What You'll Gain:

  • Immediate Digital Certificate
  • Printed Certificate Posted Next Working Day
  • Full Audio Voiceover
  • Unlimited Assessment Attempts
  • Expert-Created Content
  • Accreditation by Highfield
  • Endorsements by the Institute of Hospitality, Owen’s Law Campaign, and Food Allergy Aware

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define “food hypersensitivity” (FHS).
  • Identify symptoms of allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, coeliac disease, and food
  • Recognize the 14 food allergens that must be declared.
  • Understand legal responsibilities for allergen labelling.
  • Apply effective communication techniques with food-hypersensitive customers.
  • Convey accurate allergen information to customers.
  • Implement procedures to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Respond effectively to severe allergic reactions.

Course Modules

Introduction to Food Allergens, Allergies, and Anaphylaxis

o Key definitions and responsibilities
o Symptoms and identification of food allergens

Food Allergen Law and Food Labelling Regulations

o Overview of food safety legislation
o Detailed understanding of food labelling, including Natasha’s Law

Controlling Allergenic Cross-Contamination

o Best practices for food storage, preparation, and service
o Emergency response protocols

Accreditation and Endorsements

Our course is accredited by Highfield and endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, ensuring it meets top industry standards. Additionally, it is proudly supported by the Owen’s Law Campaign and Food Allergy Aware, guaranteeing the highest level of training accuracy and effectiveness.

Renewal and Certification

While this certification doesn’t expire, we recommend renewing it every three years to stay current with best practices and evolving regulations.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to protect your customers and your business. Enroll now and become an expert in food allergen awareness!

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