Food Safety Level 3


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Improve supervisor and manager knowledge within a food business with our level 3 food safety online training.

Protect your staff, your company and your customers Food safety is a constant concern for the public.

It's important your employees understand their roles and responsibilities.

Introduction to food safety

Ensure knowledge of food safety among all staff is at the required level

Microbiological hazards

Understand microbiological hazards and how to manage and reduce them

Contamination hazards and controls

Learn the essentials on contamination control and how to implement preventative measures

Food poisoning

Get to grips with how food poisoning occurs, and the measures needed to prevent it

Personal hygiene and training

Food handlers have a responsibility to observe high standards of personal hygiene

Premises and equipment

Fully understand food premises and equipment to use them for their intended design

Cleaning and disinfection

Improve knowledge of how to effectively clean and disinfect your food preparation areas

Pest management

Don’t let pests become a menace, find out how to prevent a pest problem

Food safety management systems (HACCP)

Learn how to successfully implement food safety management systems such as HACCP

Controls and monitoring from purchase to service

Get to grips with the essentials

Learn food safety legislation and enforcement

Know the needed food safety legislation and enforcement so you remain compliant

Optional mock assessment

45 multiple choice questions to use as a revision tool

A learning experience that will be remembered

Convenient and accredited

  • Highfield accredited with instant access to a PDF certificate
  • Learn at your own pace anytime using our online platform

  • Get up to speed in just a few hours (average completion time)

  • Available on a wide range of devices, includes audio, video and transcripts

Upskill and qualify your workforce

Employers can benefit from staff retention and investing in their workforce, improving the confidence and skills of their staff.

Get yourself qualified!

Meet the mandatory training requirements for a recognised qualification. Learn, be assessed, qualify and receive an e-certificate in 24 hours.