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Core Services

Audits, training, and consulting are essential services in health and food safety. They help your businesses ensure compliance, mitigate risks and maintain safety for employees and consumers.


Having well established monitoring systems in place will help you to identify issues before they become problematic. We’ll help you devise daily, weekly, monthly and annual in-house monitoring systems and organise regular and essential monitoring visits from our external auditors.


Only competent managers and staff members have the ability, and the confidence, to look after a food business. We’ll give you and your staff the skills to understand the why of carrying out checks and procedures and the know-how that underpins food safety competency.


Remaining compliant and staying up to date with the current legislation isn’t just a matter of due diligence, but a moral duty for every food business. We’ll help you make sense of H&S, Food Safety and HACCP documents and make sure you’re continuously and seamlessly compliant.


Having well established monitoring systems in place will help you to identify issues before they become problematic. We’ll help you devise daily, weekly, monthly and annual in-house monitoring systems and organise regular and essential monitoring visits from our external auditors.

Our service includes conducting audits for:

  • hospitality
  • on special events
  • catering businesses
  • retail grocery shops


Our audits provide more than just compliance – they’re an investment in the success of your food business. By identifying areas of improvement, we help you mitigate risks and avoid costly mistakes, all while enhancing your overall operations. With our expert guidance and comprehensive assessments, you can have peace of mind knowing your food business is in good hands.


Our catering and hospitality supplier audits provide you with valuable insights into the operations of your suppliers, ensuring they meet your agreed-upon standards and comply with industry regulations. By assessing the levels of risk and compliance posed by your suppliers, we help you make informed decisions to protect your business and reputation. With our thorough audits, you can have the confidence that your supply chain is secure and meeting your expectations.

check what we have done for our customers:

Event support for
Delaware North
Food safety checks and support for hospitality and concessions teams are critical components of ensuring that sport events at Wembley, London Stadium, and Emirates Stadium are successful and enjoyable for all attendees.
Food safety checks are essential to ensure that the food being served is safe for consumption. These checks include ensuring that the food is cooked to the correct temperature, that it is stored at the proper temperature, and that it is prepared in a hygienic environment. Additionally, food safety checks also involve verifying that the food ingredients are fresh, properly labeled, and that there is no cross-contamination between different food items
Internal audits for
Kopernik Supermarkets
Regular internal food safety audits can help prepare grocery shops for visits from Environmental Health Officers (EHO). These audits typically involve a thorough review of the shop's food handling practices, food storage, and cleaning procedures to identify any potential food safety hazards. By conducting regular audits, grocery shops can proactively address any issues before an EHO visit, ensure compliance with food safety regulations, and ultimately provide safer food for their customers.
Hospitality Supplier checks for
University of Cambridge
We have been appointed as independent food safety consultants for the University of Cambridge's Hospitality Supplier approval process. Our role is to conduct audits of businesses seeking to work with the university, ensuring compliance with food safety and quality standards. These audits cover various aspects, including food handling, storage, and preparation, as well as hygiene practices and documentation. Through these audits, we help the University of Cambridge to ensure the provision of safe and high-quality food to its staff, students, and visitors.
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Trainings for your staff

Success through our unique approach

Revolutionize your company’s training with VR-360 imaging systems. This technology allows for immersive, hands-on experiences that simulate real-world scenarios, making training engaging and relevant to the workplace. By incorporating VR-360 into your training programs, you can improve engagement and motivation, leading to more effective learning outcomes. Don’t settle for traditional training methods when you can take advantage of cutting-edge technology to enhance your employees’ skills and knowledge.

Let VR-360 take your training to the next level.

check how we improved our customers' staff competencies

Allergen training for
Polish Village Bread
Our allergen training program for bakery staff is designed to provide comprehensive education and practical skills for handling allergens in the bakery. We cover common allergens, cross-contamination prevention, and the proper labeling of allergen-containing foods, using a combination of interactive training sessions, hands-on activities, and real-life scenarios. Our program also includes guidelines on how to recognize allergic reactions and the appropriate steps to take in case of an emergency. By the end of our training, bakery staff will have the knowledge and confidence to provide safe and delicious baked goods for customers with food allergies.
Food Safety training for
Kopernik Supermarkets
Highfield Food safety level 2 training delivered in Polish provides several benefits to managers and deli counter staff working in Polish grocery shops. Firstly, it helps to ensure compliance with food safety regulations, reducing the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks and protecting the health and safety of customers. Additionally, this training can enhance the knowledge and skills of staff, leading to increased confidence in food handling and preparation, and potentially increasing sales as customers become more confident in the safety of the products sold. Finally, the certificate provided is recognized by Environmental Health Officers and local authorities, demonstrating the shop's commitment to food safety and potentially leading to better relationships with regulators.
Manual Handling training for
Tuber Group
Regular H&S refresher training combined with manual handling training can have a significant positive impact on food manufacturing staff. By focusing on dynamic risk assessment, employees will have a better understanding of the risks involved in their job and be better equipped to identify hazards and take steps to prevent accidents. Practical training in the factory will help employees to learn safe manual handling techniques, reducing the risk of workplace injuries. Compliance with health and safety legislation will be increased, and productivity may be improved as a result of fewer workplace injuries and absences. Staff morale may also be boosted, as employees feel that their employer is invested in their safety and well-being. Overall, this training can foster a culture of safety within the organization and lead to a safer, happier, and more productive workplace.
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Food safety regulations are complex and constantly evolving, and it can be challenging for businesses to keep up with the latest requirements. We can help you navigate these regulations and ensure compliance.

It is critical to the success of any food business. Failure to maintain food safety can result in foodborne illnesses, outbreaks, and recalls, which can be costly in terms of reputation damage, legal fees, and lost revenue. 

We can help you develop and implement comprehensive food safety program, provide employee training, and perform regular audits to ensure ongoing compliance and continuous improvement.


HACCP Food Safety Management System
Food Safety Policies
EHO Inspection Support
Allergen Management


Health and Safety Policy
Health and Safety Risk Assessments

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Help with understanding legislation

Our safety compliance solutions are built to suit your business. We’ll take the time to get to know your business to make sure you have exactly what you need to be compliant.

Audits and site visits

Bespoke audits designed by our experts for your business. Find out what you’re doing well, areas that need improvement and get a simple plan of action to get back on track.

Upgrading staff competencies levels

We help all types of food business identify the best, and correct training for all of their staff members. We do this by performing an in-depth analysis of all business activities before creating a bespoke Training Needs Analysis.